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  Supernatural - Funniest moments of Season 3 (Episode 1 to 8)

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PostSubject: Supernatural - Funniest moments of Season 3 (Episode 1 to 8)    Sat Sep 18, 2010 1:14 pm

Wow, I've reached over 300,000 views, almost about to hit 400,000! Thanks viewers, love you infinitely. Lol xD

- Description:

This video has been renamed to "Supernatural - Funniest moments of Season 3 (Episode 1 to Cool" because the Part 2 that was supposed to be taking place didn't because of how we were already getting deep into Season 4, and how I saw it as pointless, in a sense. Sorry. But hey, at least we can enjoy the first half of the Season, and the laughs brought by it.

PLEASE NOTE: There are no clips from Episode 3 "Bad Day at Black Rock" because most of them are scenes of Sam's bad luck, which I have in another video with the appropriate title.

LOL: I've got how many so far, 2 spam bot comments?! Gotta love that. Don't worry, I'll delete all of those as well as any flamers.

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Supernatural - Funniest moments of Season 3 (Episode 1 to 8)
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