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 Mcdonalds, kfc, a & w root beer & world-war 3

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PostSubject: Mcdonalds, kfc, a & w root beer & world-war 3   Sat Dec 04, 2010 3:01 pm

That summer, then, I went swimming in Lake Ontario as often as possible and played Monopoly in the cool of the basement in our family home in the hot summer days of July and August. I wanted to make it with the girl at the corner of Seneca Street where I lived. This girl, Susan Gregory was her name, remained completely elusive, sad to say; not sad now of course but seriously sad then. I experienced the last months of my first year as a Baha’i youth that summer and autumn in 1960. The Baha’i Faith had been in Canada for more than 40 years by then after being pioneered from the Middle East in the 1890s from Iran, Palestine and Egypt.

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Mcdonalds, kfc, a & w root beer & world-war 3
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