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 Trying to find this one band from the 90's?

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PostSubject: Trying to find this one band from the 90's?   Sat Dec 04, 2010 1:55 pm

Only thing I know about them is they recorded a demo tape with like 2 songs on it from what I remember hearing is that its a song about a girl the singer is in love with I assume and the artwork on the tape was cartoonish with like a city area and I think it had the band members on it as cartoons standing against a wall and the band started with an S and yeah I know its not alot of information but I just wanted to see if anybody knew the name of the band it was like 4 letters in the band name I just don't remember the bands name if anyone can help that would be awesome. I'm thinking there Genre was like Rock/Alternative

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Trying to find this one band from the 90's?
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