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 why ronaldo and messi arn't the best!

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PostSubject: why ronaldo and messi arn't the best!   Fri Nov 19, 2010 4:59 pm

All we�ve been reading about these past few years is Messi this, Ronaldo that. The seemingly never ending debate on which player is the best has granted, been a whole load of fun, yet for me it�s also been tiresome in equal measure.

There can be no doubt that Lionel Messi won his individual battle with Cristiano Ronaldo in Rome in 2009 but does that really make him the world�s greatest footballer?

My inclination is that Ronaldo and Messi are the two most �dangerous� players on the planet. One with his power and technique is the perfect Premier League specimen, the other with his craft and skill, the epitome of Spanish football at its best. They are the ultimate match winners. But are they the best?

Personally, I think not.

For all their skill, speed and trickery both superstars have areas of their game that remain distinctly average. All-round footballers they are not.

I�d like to think that the world�s best player should excel in almost every way. They should be complete. They should be the most influential player on the pitch, almost every time they step onto the grass.

With that in mind, can you think of two players who can top michael essien and Andres Iniesta? They have power, pace, skill, vision, endeavour, defensive nous, leadership, craft, goals, creativity, temperament�.they have the lot.

I nominate Essien as the best player in the world as of today. Who gets your vote?

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why ronaldo and messi arn't the best!
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